Snickers Cake – The Cake that Dreams are made of

snickers cakeWhat do you get when you mix some delectable baking supplies like gooey chocolate, crunchy nuts and smooth rich caramel? You get the sinfully delicious Snickers Cake of course. I have learned from experience that this cake is in fact a cake that dreams are made of. Like myself, many people are having a constant love affair with not only chocolate candy bars but candy bar cakes. The Snickers Cake is generally made in layers with each layer not only playing off the last but also merging together into one incredible creation. The different recipes and possibilities are endless for this cake. There is a quick and easy no bake version or the lovingly handmade from scratch version. There are multiple steps to this type of cake so don’t forget to leave yourself enough time to put it together.

If you need a quick put together cake for a party then the no bake version can be yours. It comes together quickly with ingredients some bakers use like wafer cookies, candy bars and ice cream caramel topping. In just a short time and a little refrigeration, you have a dessert that is not only beautiful to look at but delicious. You too can be the star of the party with this beauty on your plate stand. Are you a get your hands in there scratch cake creator? Do you like to craft each individual ingredient and watch your hard work come together in a tower of sweetness? The steps can be extensive to make the key ingredients of smooth chocolate ganache, caramel and nougat but you can create a masterpiece with some very simple ingredients, patience and a bit of skill. It’s a lovely cake to show off your baking know how. Whether you bring this to a family get together or serve it at a dinner party, everyone will ask for the recipe for your Snickers Cake.

Snickers Cake Is So Easy To Make

I sampled a no bake version of this at the birthday of a friend. I took a small piece and realized it was a mistake. The cake stand was empty in a blink of an eye and every person who had a piece wished they had a second piece. My tiny four bite piece kept me dreaming of the smooth rich caramel, nuts and chocolate for many days and nights. After finally calling for the recipe, I served it at a dinner party for some out of town guests. They were just as thrilled with the cake as I was when I first tried it. I received raving compliments, as my guests thought this was a very complicated dessert that I had spent hours making.

As you can see, I am including multiple versions of the Snickers Cake by different bakers with different styles and ingredients. Try a no bake version or a homemade from scratch version, add some ingredients or remove others. You will not be disappointed in the results as this is really a no risk dessert with big results.